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60° Cone

Production Information
Item NO. A
FNMPC-001  1/4 - 19
FNMPC-002  3/8 - 19
FNMPC-003  1/2 - 14
FNMPC-004  3/4 - 14
FNMPC-005  1-11

Steel, Stainless Steel, RoHS
 (Brass, SUS304, SUS316)

• Hydraulic fluid handling connections
• Construction
• Mobile Equipment

• Hose Adapter
• Designed with BSPP and BSPT port ends and two styles of hose ends 30° flare BSPP threads, and 60° cone BSPP threads. 
• 30° flare BSPP threads,60° cone BSPP threads, interfaces provide end user flexibility of connecting to the most common hose ends available.
• Pressures up to 5000 psi.

All Japanese Industrial Standard  (JIS) Fittings and Adapters, or JIS Fittings and JIS Adapters conform to the JIS B2351 and B8363 standards.  These JIS Couplings are available in various configurations in sizes from 1/4″ up to 1″.