Tube Fitting

     Fittings and Adapters go hand-in hand. Pipe Fittings are used for a variety of
residential, public and industrial applications.
Tubes include a wide range of
products in various shapes, sizes and materials. With rapid developments in the
field of industrial fittings and continuous research work in this industry, various
new products are manufactured. Fittings include a comprehensive range of
products depending on various applications in which they are applied, such
as Hydraulic, Pneumatic. Tubes work with a variety of pipe and tubing
materials including several types of Steel, Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316),Brass
or Copper with ROHS.

Categories of fittings:
•Caps and Plugs
•Fittings that Connect two or more pipes

•Chemical / Petrochemical
•Food, Beverage, and Dairy
•Oil and Gas
•Process Instrumentation
•Road & highway construction